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Fusion Fall: The Story of Pike Aftershock
is a story about an urban teen who has been drafted into the FusionFall Academy East, a combat academy that, in the span of a standard school year, prepares operatives for the war against Lord Fuse. It was created by Ghost Plasmore (ODROverdrive) on FanFiction.Net


Fuse has launched a war on planet Earth, and after people stopped signing up for what they felt was their doom, the Resistance started a draft. An unlucky seventeen-year-old from an urban area is drafted, and now must go through 180 days of combat training in the FusionFall Academy, with help from his hand-to-hand combat teacher, Buttercup Utonium, as well as a soldier who had escaped the clutches of Lord Fuse, Odd Della Robbia.


Main Characters

  • Pike Aftershock - A young urban teen who has been sent into the FusionFall Academy East.
  • Buttercup Utonium - One of the three main characters of the Powerpuff Girls series, hand-to-hand combat teacher, and lover to Pike Aftershock.
  • Odd Della Robbia - One of the main characters of the French animated series Code Lyoko. He was the best warrior of the war on Fuse, until captured by Lord Fuse.
  • Ares Neptunevenom - Student at the academy, trusted friend to Pike
  • Nina Jeweliron - Has an obsession with Pike, and uses blackmail to get him.

Supporting Characters

  • Nigel Uno - The former Weapons Training teacher, now deceased.
  • Alysson - Pike's best friend on Earth
  • Aelita Schaeffer - Lyoko Warrior. Nice, sweet, and dealing with the death of her boyfriend, Jérémie Belpois.
  • Ulrich Stern - Lyoko Warrior, Odd's best friend and Yumi's boyfriend
  • Yumi Ishiyama - Lyoko Warrior, Ulrich's girlfriend, and the new Hand-to-Hand Combat teacher, while Buttercup is on maternal leave
  • William Dunbar - Lyoko Warrior.
  • X.A.N.A. - A sociopathic artificial intelligence that is helping with the war on Fuse.
  • Finn Human - N-Z dorm adviser for the Providence Academy
  • Rex - A-M Dorm adviser for the Providence Academy
  • Ash Ketchum - Providence Guidance Counselor


No. Chapter Name Description
1 Into the Null Void Young urban teen, Pike Druid Aftershock, is selected in the FusionFall Academy draft to spend a year in combat training and then go off to the war on Lord Fuse.
2 Sparring With Ms. Utonium Pike begins to feel a romantic attraction to his teacher, Buttercup Utonium.
3 The Forbidden Fruit Pike's feelings towards Buttercup start to become uncontrollable.
4 A Spawn to the Slaughter The story of the disappearance of Odd Della Robbia is revealed.
5 Return to the Past! Odd returns to the FusionFall Academy after his two years of dungeon incarceration.
6 Readjustment Odd goes to the other Lyoko Warriors for help, only to find that one is missing.
7 Confidence William speaks on life post X.A.N.A.
8 I Love You, Ms Utonium As Pike tries to take his sexual relationship to the next level, Aelita discovers that X.A.N.A. has re-awakened.
9 XANA's Proposal XANA offers to help the Lyoko Warriors fight Fuse.
10 Fuse's Offensive Fuse brings the war to the FusionFall Academy.
11 Breaking Point Six months after the events following Chapter 10, Yumi has taken over for Buttercup, Ben for the fallen Nigel Uno. Buttercup's love for Pike is finally revealed, and Pike is the first non-Lyoko Warrior allowed into Lyoko.
12 The Roommate Situation Nina blackmails Pike by using his relationship with Buttercup.
13 Confessions Buttercup and Pike go public with their relationship.
14 Aelita's New Friend Pike, Yumi, and Ash go to console Aelita with the other Lyoko Warrior. Pikachu, Eevee, and Squirtle are left to Ares.
15 Vulpix Steps In Pike tries to set up Nina and Ares.
16 Chloroform Pike is kidnapped by Fuse, and is given an offer he can't refuse.
17 Battle Frontier (Part 1) Buttercup goes into labor and Pike is found out.
18 Battle Frontier (Part 2) Pike is captured by Fuse.
19 Battle Frontier (Part 3) Before a pending execution, Pike starts having flashbacks about life before the Fuse takeover.
20 Battle Frontier (Part 4) In the final chapter of the four part series finale, Pike fights Fuse.


The story was originally intended to continue after the break, but writer Ghost Plasmore decided to end this story, in order to start on a new sequel series that was going to be called simply Pike. It was set to take place five years after the events of "Battle Frontier," and have featured many more climactic battles and action than the original series, which was primarily of the dramatic genre.

After hearing of the shutdown of the FusionFall servers, and the game itself becoming defunct, the sequel series was cancelled, making "Battle Frontier" the final chapter of the series, and having Pike's story come to a close.

In early April 2014, after looking at the file for the story, Ghost Plasmore decided to continue to work on the sequel series. "Pike" was released on April 23, 2014.


  • The title character, Pike Aftershock, is based upon the creator's actual FusionFall character, Pike Druidaftershock.
  • It is the first FusionFall fan fiction to feature Code Lyoko characters.

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