A FusionFall Pawn Shop is a place where the player has three options: Buy, Sell, or Pawn. There are currently three Pawn Shops in the FusionFall universe: one at Marzipan City, just inside the entrance from Peach Creek Wilds, run by Numbuh 16122; one on Wave Island, run by Numbuh 16123; and the flagship store at Galleria Mall run by Anne Maria.  Anne Maria is a considerably shrewder bargainer than the two KND operatives, but the items she vends are of a correspondingly higher value.


Buying is the most common function of the FusionFall Pawn Shop.  The Shop earns money from the sale of the stuff that the pawn shop has previously bought. Haggling can be used to get the price the customer wants, because there are no set prices on the items. The customer and the shopkeepers will haggle for a better price and go until 1) they reach a set price or 2) one of them decides not to continue and refuses to sell or buy the item.


Selling is when a customer wants the pawn shop to buy an item from him. Many come in for this option because they are in need of money. As with buying, the customer and the shopkeepers will haggle for the best price until the item is sold or one of them breaks off the transaction.


Pawning is the least common transaction. To pawn an item, the customer requests an advance of money on a item. Every month he gets 6000 taros; if after six months he doesn't pay back the loan (plus interest) and recover the item, the pawn shop now owns the item and can sell it.