Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall III: Rise of the New Villain is a massively multiplayer game developed by Cartoon Network and THQ FusionFall III uses the c++ Live Server as its client technology basis.

This game has limited features, but is free to play all of the time.


The genesis of the game was that Cartoon Network felt that the FusionFall series should have a new twist. Grigon Entertainment did not want to continue with the programming of the game, so Cartoon Network hired THQ to help instead.

New Features

With the old company out and the new company in, THQ has created three new features not yet a part of the history of FusionFall: PvP, Cart Racing, and a Player Controlled Pawn Shop.


With Planet Fuse defeated, everyone felt a though Earth had been saved. However, Mojo Jojo decided that it was now time for him to strike, and so created an even more dangerous threat than Fuse and Planet Fusion: a monster known as D.O.W (Destroyer Of Worlds). Mojo Jojo created this beast just to wreak a little havoc and then stop, expecting the world to surrender itself to him. Unfortunately, the monster had a mind of his own and refused to go along with Mojo's plans. instead continuing to rampage and destroy. Destroyer Of Worlds captured Mojo Jojo and made him his first minion, D.O.T. (Destroyer of Towns). Normal people without powers were made into beings known as D.O.H. (Destroyers of Houses). The D.O.W. captured heroes and makes them into D.O.T. which he sends out to destroy parts of the world. Dexter is working as hard as he can to destroy this threat to the world, but the D.O.W is coming on too fast. The hero must work with all the remaining NPCs to hold him off. With areas being destroyed every day, the hero does not have long. Will the hero destroy the D.O.W and free the D.O.T. or will the hero fall and be destroyed?

Creator's Note

I created this because I felt like making a sequel to my FusionFall II: Rise of Power page. I might be making more, depending upon whether I have the time. I already have created many more ideas for this series. If any admins are reading this, if this is going too far with the FusionFall Fanon thing, just say so, and I'll edit this page into something different. -Thetexassooner1