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FusionFall: Welter of Seasonal Weather is a fanon storyline. It involves the player having to investigate erratic weather changes. It influences are from Touhou Project's Phantasmagoria of Flower View and Hidden Star of Four Seasons.


Part 1: L'autunno

Beginning Cutscene: At Bravo Beach, Storm of the X-Men is resting in the sun. Meanwhile, in Townsville Center, Charles Xavier (Professor X), Tony Stark and Professor Utonium are having lunch and discussing scientific theories at one of the restaurants there when the snow starts to fall. It's August, there shouldn't be snow. Charles Xavier looks out of the window, notices the weather, and calls Storm and asks her if there's anything going on.

Storm receives her mentor's message and is instructed to stop the snowfall. She stops the snow for a while and heads off to meet Professor X. But the snow starts again, baffling her. Professor Utonium recommends the player to Charles Xavier, pointing out that they helped a lot in the War against Fuse so far.

The player meets her and Professor X outside the restaurant in Townsville Center. Professor X asks for the player's help in investigating the unusual weather phenomenon while he and the other scientists find the Fusions responsible for the mess. The player heads to Bravo Beach and defeats some Beach Bullies, and obtains a piece of a blueprint. He brings the blueprint to Professor X who examines it and finds out that it's a depiction of a pedestal of some kind, with a silvery-white orb at its side.

Tony Stark also plans to investigate the unusual weather. He tells the player to find out what the Fusions would want from messing up the weather and seasons. The player goes to Mojo's Volcano, where the trees are shedding their leaves. Mojo Jojo assures the player that it's not him this time, but he notices that autumn has arrived at his area, despite it being summer. He gets the player to defeat some Wild Wings and Spawn Simians. The player obtains a blueprint and meets Mojo, who examines it and claims that it must be one of Fuse's inventions he wants to sabotage. He remembers having left some research papers somewhere, but they were missing. Mojo tells the player to clean up the autumn leaves around his volcano before looking for them.

At Monkey Mountain, the player meets Mandy and tells her about the strange seasons. She remarks that there are rumours of bizarre weather changes around the area. A few minutes ago, it was snowing, now, in The Wilds, leaves are falling despite it being summer. The player brings up Mojo's research papers, and as soon as Mandy is about to give the mission, a thunderstorm happens. Sylphons and Ball Lightning Spawns attack, and the players defeat the new Fusion Monsters, with the creatures leaving behind an orange orb. Mandy suggests taking it to Grim, perhaps the weather and season anomaly is supernatural in nature.

Professor Utonium, Ben, Dexter and Grim were meeting at DexLabs when the player arrives. Grim examines the orange orb and points out that it's a Season Orb that in ancient legends, was supposed to maintain the seasons. Utonium remarks that if so, they must keep the orb out of Fuse's hands. Later, as the player moves on, a White Tiger Wolf arrives, with Fusion Mojo Jojo riding it. Fusion Mojo Jojo demands the player hand him the Autumn Season Orb, and the player fights with them. After the defeat of the monsters, the player obtains another picture of the pedestal with the autumn orb. The two pictures of the pedestal are handed to Grim who promises to figure out what it's all about.  

Part 2: L'inverno

Cutscene: It is winter in Downtown in the middle of summer. Someone resembling Elsa has attacked Storm during one of her patrols and thus, she fought with the real Elsa, resulting in bad blood between the two. Anna goes to find the player to help her sister reconcile with the superheroine. Meanwhile, a horse spirit made of water has gone on a rampage due to the imbalance of the weather and seasons.

The player meets Storm at Bravo Beach. The X-Men member tells him that there are sightings of an ice horse in Marquee Row attacking people. Anna arrives and tells Storm that Elsa, her sister, is innocent and would not cause the weather to go haywire for kicks. She tells the player to calm the 'ice horse' down.

The player heads to Marquee Row and subdues the water horse. Grim, watching the battle recognizes the creature as a Nokk, and asks the player what's going on. After the player explains the situation, he urges the player to stop two weather manipulators from fighting each other, lest the problem worsens. The player rides the Nokk to Storm and Anna, with Storm still not being convinced of the real Elsa's innocence. Meanwhile, there is the news that Singapore has been buffeted by snowstorms. Professor X calls Storm and tells her to go help the people there. The superheroine tells the player to meet her in Singapore.

Anna rides the Nokk (now in its liquid form) to Singapore, in the hopes that her new friend won't do something impulsive. The player receives a message from Professor X and is instructed to go to the island nation to stop the abnormal weather. He goes to the smuggler's plane to fly there.

In Singapore, the player meets Storm and Jenny Quantum. Jenny tells the player that there are rumours of a turtle island with a green ice palace in the South China Sea. Little did they know that Elsa has already gone to investigate the green ice palace. Anna and the Nokk arrive, and as much as they are surprised at Singapore's technological advancements, they are just as surprised at it being a tropical country. The player kills Frozen Fowls and Glacial Golems who have stolen sweaters from the locals.

The Nokk turns his head towards the sea and, sensing that Elsa is in danger, runs off. Anna tries to follow, but Storm tells her that it could be dangerous. While the two ladies help the locals, the player heads to the South China Sea with Jenny Quantum's help in securing a Jungle Boat, only to discover that the 'turtle island' is a Black Torterrorise, with the green ice palace being made of ice and Fusion Matter. Jenny Quantum and the player meet the Nokk and the real Elsa, who are having trouble with the Ice Titan guarding her Fusion counterpart's palace. The player helps them defeat the monster and after Elsa leaves to meet her sister, the player confronts Fusion Juniper Lee, who was behind the misunderstanding between Storm and the queen of Arendelle by using the magic of a silvery-white orb to assume Elsa's form, then attack Storm and cause Singapore to have winter.

It is a two-part battle: After the Fusion's defeat, the player obtains the Winter Orb and a picture of the third pedestal with the light green orb, heads back to the Jungle Boat and helps Jenny Quantum in the battle with the Black Torterrorise. After the battle's over, the snowstorm subsides, and the boat heads back to Singapore, where Storm and Elsa are arguing. When Storm learns that Fusion Juniper Lee is the one behind this, she apologizes to Elsa, and Anna is overjoyed. They then discover that the Nokk has found mimosa grasses appetizing.

The player heads back to Bravo Beach on the Jungle Boat with Anna, with Elsa riding the Nokk on the waters and Storm flying. Professor X meets them, and Storm reports to him on the mission's success. Anna posits that the Fusion monsters want to drive the nature spirits mad to ruin the weather and seasons. Elsa and Anna leave for Gravity Falls, while the Nokk disappears into the sea. Professor X is given the orb, and he decides to bring it to Dexter during a meeting of scientists. He tells the player to find the remaining Season Orbs.

Part 3: La primavera

Cutscene: Dexter, Grandpa Max, Azmuth, Princess Bubblegum, Professor X, Tony Stark (as Iron Man), Professor Utonium, and Grim meet at Tech Square. Turns out, from Grim's findings, there are the ruins of a temple complex in the Forbidden Falls collectively called the Sezono Temples. The pedestals that used to hold the orbs are found in four temple ruins in Sezono. Mojo Jojo arrives late to the meeting and shows the blueprint he received from the player to everyone present. Professor X examines the blueprint, and concludes that it could be a weather control machine of some kind, and shares with the others that whatever Fuse is planning to build to turn the tides of war in his favour would be disastrous.

Professor X tells Dexter that the Season Orbs need to go back to their rightful place before Fuse gets them. In Galaxy Gardens and Orchid Bay, flowers are blooming in abnormal numbers, even non-spring ones. The Ice King was surprised to find out that his ice powers are weakening, so he complains to Princess Bubblegum in the middle of the meeting. Professor X recommends the player to Bubblegum, citing their successes in retrieving the Winter and Autumn Orbs.

Fusion Ice King and Fusion Blossom have hidden the Spring Orb in Fusion Ice King's Lair. Princess Bubblegum contacts the player and asks him to help the Ice King, despite him being notorious for attempting to find himself a wife. Timber Terrors and other plant-themed Fusion Monsters have run amok in the area, prompting the player to defeat them and obtain Mojo's research papers. The player delivers them to Mojo Jojo at his volcano, and he suspects that the Fusions have plagiarized his work. He thanks the player, and goes to clean up the remaining autumn leaves outside his home, not knowing that some Bitterflies were spying on him.

In Fuse's Lair, Lord Fuse is building a weather control bio-machine, dubbed Typhon. He was the one who ordered his servants to steal and guard the Season Orbs so that their powers are transferred to it by Fusion Matter composing both the Fusions and the machine. The Fusions defeated by the player report to Fuse their failure and the loss of the blueprint of Typhon, and he reveals that he gave the blueprint to the Wild Wings for safekeeping before the player retrieved it, and stole Mojo Jojo's research papers. At DexLabs, the scientists are studying the blueprint of the weather control machine to find its weakness.

Bitterflies fly to Fusion Ice King's Lair and from their telepathic messages, the player gave the research players the Fusions stole back to Mojo Jojo. Fusion Ice King sends them to accompany the Timber Terrors and Pollen Spawns in exterminating the player. The player defeats them, and the Ice King meets him at Princess Bubblegum's request. He tells the player that he will deal with the monsters while he retrieves the Spring Orb. The player heads to Fusion Ice King's Lair and defeats Fusion Blossom, and then Fusion Ice King riding on a Toxic Green Dragon. After the battle, the player obtains the Spring Orb.

The season reverts to summer. The Ice King rewards the player with something he found in his castle: the Sword of Four Seasons. However, in Monkey Mountain and Monkey Foothills, the storms began to intensify.

Part 4: L'estate

It was unusually warm when the player arrived at Monkey Foothills. Violent storms have ruined the Monkey Minion camp and the player defeats Fusionflies to get the parts the Monkey Minions need to repair the camp. After that, the player needs to find the Summer Orb. The player meets Mandy, and after hearing about the player's taking the orbs from the Fusion, she offers the player some help: Fusion Mojo Jojo and his Vermillion Blood Phoenix plan to siphon the Summer Orb's powers to give the Fusion Monsters here a boost. So they need to swap it with a fake.

The butterfly fairy Eternity Larva has gone berserk due to the imbalance of the seasons, and the player has to defeat her. After the battle, he obtains a silk orb. Eternity Larva at first is stunned, then she thanks the player and tells him and Mandy that the 'green demons (Fusions)' ruined the seasons all over the world, causing the bizarre weather changes. She flies off back to Japan, and Mandy goes off to look for Billy to use as a distraction while the player heads to Monkey Mountain. He defeats the Sylphons guarding Monkey's Summit but is captured by the Vermillion Blood Phoenix and carried to Fusion Mojo's Secret Lair.

Fusion Mojo Jojo gloats about how he plans to have his 'pet' siphon the Summer Orb's energy to give to Lord Fuse's masterpiece: the weather control machine Typhon. He was about to call the Vermillion Blood Phoenix when it sights Billy being chased by Grime Serpents. The Fusion Monster was distracted by the sight, and flew off, so the player fights Fusion Mojo Jojo alone. He defeats the monster and obtains the Summer Orb. He leaves the silk orb behind and leaves.

The player meets Mandy, who compliments him on the job and tells him to go back to whoever told him to get the four orbs while she goes back to planning to raise her own army. Meanwhile, the Vermillion Blood Phoenix has already eaten the Grime Serpents and has become fat and unable to move. The other three boss Fusion Monsters, whose partners are defeated by the player, appear to retrieve it, scaring Billy away.

Part 5: Finale

Cutscene: The four Fusion Beasts take the silk orb to Fuse's Lair. Fuse absorbs the energy the boss monsters siphoned from the Season Orbs by eating them, turning into Void Dragon Fuse. He then eats the silk orb, believing it to be the Summer Orb. Now ruled by animal instincts, he goes to look for the rest of the Season orbs.

Meanwhile, the player meets Professor X and the scientists at DexLabs and hands them the four Orbs. Everyone congratulates him when a storm suddenly appears. Void Dragon Fuse appears and knocks out the player, stealing the three Orbs and flying off. Dexter bemoans the failure until the player shows him and the others the real Summer Orb.

At Sezono Temple complex, Void Dragon Fuse summons the weather control machine Typhon and transfers the energy he absorbed from the Season Orbs into it. Typhon reaches full power and the seasons go haywire again. Void Dragon Fuse then eats the three Orbs sans the real Summer Orb. The player has to go to the Forbidden Falls to stop Fuse and his bio-machine. The player destroys the machine first but realizes that as Fuse ate the three Season Orbs, he would transfer their power to the machine to repair it. The player uses the Sword of Four Seasons and the Summer Orb against Void Dragon Fuse, and after a hard battle, defeats him and gets back the other Season Orbs. Then, the player proceeds to destroy Typhon. Once the machine is destroyed, the seasons and weather return to normal.

Void Dragon Fuse, realizing that the real Summer Orb was with the player all along, becomes enraged and tries to attack the player, only to weaken, turn back into Lord Fuse and die, which surprises himself. The player returns the Season Orbs to their rightful places, in four temple ruins with pedestals like the ones in the drawings, and then goes back to Tech Square.

In the end, Professor X and the rest congratulate the player for saving the world again. As the personification of Planet Fusion, Fuse may return, so they have to get ready for when he does. Storm invites the player to the beach to hang out and the player agrees. There, the player receives a replica of Storm's cape.

The ending cutscene shows Mandy noting that if Fusion Matter is corrupting humans and living beings, then it cannot be used to make her future army. Perhaps the magic of the Season Orbs can be used instead. Either way, she will wait until Fuse is completely vanquished, then she will make her move...


  • How's the Weather?
  • Fusions Fell like Leaves
  • Raging Storm
  • The Orb of Autumn
  • Calming the Water Horse
  • The Cold never Bothered Me Anyway
  • Green Crystal Palace on Torterrorise Island (Part 1)
  • Green Crystal Palace on Torterrorise Island (Part 2)
  • Spring in the Hero's Steps
  • Deadly Blooms
  • The Orb of Spring
  • Camp Repairs
  • Raging Butterfly
  • Entering the Phoenix Den
  • Return of the Orbs (Part 1)
  • Return of the Orbs (Part 2)


This is the second game to feature Touhou Project characters.

'Sezono' is Esperanto for 'Season'.