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The days are getting shorter, and the night is lasting longer... save the day before the world is swallowed up in a sea of darkness

FusionFall: Perennial Night in Shining Armour is a fanon expansion for FusionFall, released on the Mid-Autumn Festival. Being a collab with Team Shanghai Alice, its storyline bears influences from Touhou Project's Imperishable Night, which in turn is inspired by the Japanese folktale about Kaguya-Hime, the moon princess.


Part 1: Rising Night

Beginning Cutscene: Beijing, China. At evening, four days before the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mighty Dragon was flying over the city when he senses that the moon is not quite right. He flies up to the moon in space and notices that aside from the conspicuous absence of the KND Moonbase, it seems to be a sickly green, which reminds him of Fusion Matter and that it may never become full. Worse still, a black mist is leaking out from the false moon. Mighty Dragon then flies to find someone who can investigate the anomaly, going past Mandark's flying ship in the process. Mandark spies an orange streak from his window and smiles...

The player is in Orchid Bay when they receive a message. Well, Ben Tennyson noticed the fake moon and needs the player's help to investigate. The player meets Ben at City Station, where he learns about the fake moon. The mission "Fly Me to the Moon" is given, where the player fights off some Vile Cabinets and obtains steel and a blueprint for a space ship. Ben is given the steel and he suggests that they can build the space ship and go to the fake moon to investigate.

The player then is met by the Mighty Dragon, who tells him about the fake moon and the black mist it seems to be producing. The dragon warns that if they don't destroy the fake moon and bring back the real one, the world will be blanketed into eternal night and Fuse will conquer Earth much more easily. Thus, they may have to meet the heroes. Meanwhile, Gwen and Grandpa Max meet Ben at Ship's starship mode and ask him if he noticed that night time is arriving earlier than the day time. Ben tells them that it is a temporary occurrence, but Grandpa Max says that it may be more than just a temporary anomaly, and suggests meeting Dexter and the rest of the scientists.

News on TV report that some areas are blanketed by a black mist, while Dexter notes that Fusion monsters in the areas covered by the black mist have become more aggressive. Ben meets Dexter and gives him the blueprint. Dexter recognizes it as a DexLabs airship but is unsure if it's possible for the end result to fly to the fake moon. He contacts the player and asks to meet him at Offworld Plaza. The player reaches the destination and is blocked by Sawbreakers and Thuggards. After defeating the monsters, obtaining reinforced fabric in the process, the player meets the two guides, hands them the fabric and tells them what the Mighty Dragon knew about the fake moon: they must destroy it, lest the world be plunged into eternal night. The heroes decide to check the ancient writings, which tell of a weapon that can destroy objects the size of the moon: the bow of Artemis. The hero must find the bow before Fuse and his minions do.

The player goes to meet the Mighty Dragon at Orchid Bay and tells him about the bow of Artemis. The dragon admits that he doesn't know where it could be, but suggests that the fake moon must be manufactured by one of Fuse's Fusions. Besides, if there's anyone living on the real moon, they should be sending signals. Then, the player is called to Sector V by Numbuh Two, who gives the mission "Calling the Moonbase", in which the player defeats Shocktanglers and Caterplugs to obtain parts for repair of communication devices that would enable contact between the KND Moonbase and the Sector V Treehouse. When the mission is completed, Numbuh 2 contacts the Moonbase, with the answer from Numbuh 362 being that they have no idea what happened, the moon switched places with an object that looks like it, thus the communications were cut for a while. The player is told that Sector V is one of the areas that are covered by the black mist, so they would have to be extra careful. Numbuh 2 thanks the player and contacts the rest of his teammates to tell them about the mysterious phenomenon of the black mist.

Part 2: Five Impossible Tasks

Cutscene: Ben and Dexter meet Numbuhs One, Two, Three, Four and Five, and they discuss the fake moon, the lengthening night and the black mist. Dexter plans to build the airship to reach the fake moon, while the KND theorize that if the fake moon is destroyed, the black mist would disappear. Ben points out that maybe the fake moon is the one causing the nights to be longer. Blossom and Bubbles arrive and report that the black mist is spreading across the Suburbs with people there falling into a deep sleep. Meanwhile, the Mighty Dragon fights his Fusion counterpart, Fafnir, who mocks that there's no way that the heroes can stop the eternal night from approaching.

The player learns from Dexter that there are two more artifacts according to the ancient writings, the helmet and shield of Artemis. But no one knows where they and the bow are. In the mission "Bamboo Cutter in the Dark Mist", night has come earlier than normal, and in the Eternal Meadows filled with the black mist, the Spinetinglers and Jock-o-Lanterns have been attacking people for no reason, with the fake moon granting them unnatural powers. Under Fusion Mighty Dragon's orders, Fusion Grim is leading them in the search of a 'moon princess' who holds the location to the Artemis Bow. Marceline alerts the player to the Fusion's presence and after the player defeats the monsters, tells them to go to Tokyo.

The player boards the smuggler's plane to Tokyo, where they meet with the Mighty Dragon, who is being cared for by Ryu due to the wounds he sustained by fighting with his Fusion counterpart. Ryu points out that the black mist previously seen in the USA has also been found in Japan and other countries. The Mighty Dragon learns from the player about the moon princess and her links to the Artemis weapons and the means to destroy the fake moon and advises him to find her before the Fusions do. In the mission "Princess from The Lunar Capital", the player heads to Arashiyama Bamboo Grove and stumbles upon a warp portal to the lair of Fusion Mighty Dragon, who has held the moon princess captive. The player defeats the Fusion and his Newspaper Ninjas and saves the princess, who reveals herself to be Kaguya Houraisan. She takes the player to her home, where they meet her aide Eirin Yagokoro. After the player tells them about the false moon and the Fusion invasion, she claims that it's not good this time, yet is intrigued at the War against Fuse. She gives the player five missions: If he can complete them, she can help in the war.

The first mission is a begging bowl from India. The player retrieves it from Fusion Princess, who whines about it being taken from her. The second is the Jewelled branch from Hourai, called Penglai in Chinese. The player heads to Penglai, Shandong in China, where he contacts Dashan Wang for help. The young man directs the player to a portal that brings the player to the island, where the trees have jewels and miraculous fruit. After the branch is the robe of the Fire Rat in Beijing, obtained from Fusion Courage, who accidentally blabs out that the Fusions stole blueprints of a DexLabs airship from Hero's Hollow so that Fuse would copy its designs and the robe as it has the means of protecting its wearers from the fake moon. Perhaps the robe can be useful in the quest to destroy the fake moon. Now, the jewel from a dragon's neck is next.

Meanwhile, as night lengthens, Mandark has found the Mighty Dragon at Tokyo and demands from him his gifts. The creature refuses, but simply states that the player will do the job of destroying the fake moon. Mandark then threatens him, with the Mighty Dragon telling him that if he carries it out, no one will believe that mythical beasts like him exist, so the dragon spits out a colourful jewel from his throat. The teenager laughs with glee as he runs back to his flying ship and plans to go to City Station to rub his accomplishment of meeting a dragon (if it can be counted as one) in Dexter's face, and after that, show the jewel to Dee Dee to impress her.

The player heads back to City Station and has to rescue Mandark from the Unisickles, Streetgrinders and Cyberuses chasing after him. He receives the coloured jewel and shows it to Dexter at Mandark's request. Dexter becomes curious about the jewel and after the player tells him about the encounter with Kaguya and Mandark having obtained the jewel from the Mighty Dragon, they are congratulated for having come so far. Dexter updates the player on the airship's status: It's nearly complete, and hopefully, the player can retrieve the bow, shield and helmet of Artemis before the Fusions do.

The last item is the swallow's shell. The player heads to Bird Island, which has a Terrafuser in its forest. The player defeats several Terrordactyls and defeats the Terrordactyl Screamer. The sun has risen when the player heads to Eagle Mountain, where he finds some swallows that have roosted there. The player has to find a certain fruit stolen by Horrordactyls and defeat the Fusion monsters. After the player feeds the swallow, it poops out a cowrie shell.

The player gives the five items to Kaguya Houraisan who gives them the Artemis Shield and the Artemis Helmet. She reveals that the weapon they were looking for has been in the custody of a certain someone who has now taken residence in the ruins. She also says that the Artemis weapons were given to her and that someone by a huge eagle who wants them away from Fuse's hands. The player heads to The Ruins, only to discover that the person guarding the Artemis Bow is none other than Princess Luna. The alicorn wants to test the player's resolve so after a battle, the player receives the Artemis Bow from her. Princess Luna tells the player that the eternal night that Lord Fuse, whom she calls the Fusion Overlord, wants to bring, is just as bad as the one she planned to bring when she was Nightmare Moon.

The player heads to Offworld Plaza, where he meets Ben and Dexter. From what the player learns from them, the DexLabs airship is complete, and the player can now fly to the fake moon to destroy it.

Part 3: That's No Moon!

Cutscene: Night-Time. The Mighty Eagle visits the Mighty Dragon at Tokyo. They talk about the events so far, with the reveal that the Mighty Eagle found the Artemis weapons at a Greek ruin and gave them to Princess Luna and Kaguya Houraisan for safekeeping. The old bird says that he trusts the player to do the right thing. Meanwhile, in the news, there are reports of people having nightmares about an alicorn with a mane of stars who threatens to plunge the world into eternal night. Princess Luna remarks that it's impossible for Nightmare Moon to be active when she has returned to her old self. Princess Celestia assures her sister that it's not her fault this time that the length of night has become abnormal and that humans are having nightmares.

The player first has to kill Ardent Dynamite Rats to obtain the ingredients for the robe of the fire rat in "Who Painted the Moon Green? (Part 1)". The robe can protect the player from the fake moon's radiation. After obtaining the robe, the player, Ben and Dexter board the airship as Mandark and Dee Dee watches and flies to space, where the fake moon was. Upon close examination, it turns out that the fake moon's not only the source of the black mist, but it's also a space station called the LunaFuse Fuse built to speed up the infection of Earth.

In "Who Painted the Moon Green? (Part 2)", The player has to find the entrance to the base, and once he enters, he fights off Fusion Dracula, who tells the player that Fuse designed the LunaFuse space station to siphon the energy of supernatural beings and the fears of humans to create the black mist that has been spreading all over the world. Besides, the black mist is the one causing the nights to lengthen. Dexter parks the airship from a safe distance from the LunaFuse to observe it, hoping that the player comes back alive. He receives a message from Numbuh One that the GKND transport vehicle will arrive in case the mission fails/becomes more difficult.

Inside the LunaFuse, the player finds the ray-shielded particle exhaust vent of the LunaFuse guarded by Fusion Nightmare Moon. The doppelganger of Princess Luna's alter-ego boasts about being the one assigned by Fuse to spread nightmares to humans and to stop the player. She fights the player, who shoots the moonlight arrows from the Artemis Bow at her, wounding her. The player shoots a moonlight arrow at the exhaust vent that leads to the Fusion Matter reaction core, then runs away as Fusion Nightmare Moon calls for reinforcements before dying. The player defeats the fusion monsters blocking their way, and is picked up by the GKND transport vehicle. As the vehicle flies back to the DexLabs airship, the LunaFuse explodes, and the airship dodges the debris on the way to Earth.

The airship lands at Offworld Plaza, where it is still night. The black mist covering the areas disperse, and the player receives the Golden Aqua Sword from Ben, who has witnessed the airship arrive at Earth.

The Mighty Eagle flies to the area and asks about the player. Dexter responds that the player's fine. Ben asks him how did he know about the recipe for the robe of the Fire Rat, and Dexter tells him about a lady resembling a princess from old Japan (actually Kaguya) who gave him the recipe before disappearing.

The ending cutscenes show the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration at Orchid Bay, with Mandark flirting with Dee Dee, the KND having dinner, Blossom and Bubbles buying bubble tea with Silver the falcon, and the Mighty Eagle telling Ben and Dexter the stories of his youth. Little did they know that Kaguya Houraisan, Eirin Yagokoro, Tewi Inaba and Reisen Udongein Inaba were watching them from afar, on the Mighty Dragon's back. The Mighty Dragon remarks that Fuse would try more outlandish ways to infect Earth and assimilate it into Planet Fusion, while Eirin reveals that she swapped the remnants of the fake moon with the real moon, bringing the night back to normal. They fly away followed by the alicorns as the sun rises, as Mandark and Dee Dee watches.


  • Fly Me to the Moon
  • Calling Moonbase
  • Bamboo Cutter in the Dark Mist
  • Princess from the Lunar Capital
  • The Begging Bowl
  • Horai's Jewelled Branch
  • Robe of the Fire Rat
  • Gift of the Dragon
  • Swallow's Shell
  • Who Painted the Moon Green?



  • Some missions titles are derived from songs about the moon, such as Fly Me to the Moon and Who Painted the Moon Black.
  • Aside from Imperishable Night, this storyline has elements of Star Wars: A space base that resembles the Death Star has to be destroyed.
  • This is the first time that Touhou Project characters appeared in the FusionFall fan game.