FusionFall Cartoon Network Universe


Science fantasy

Written by

Regular Guy
Irregular Guy
Fish Hook


Zak The Sniper
Agent William
Blaster Stellarhand
Liam Osborn
Sara Pixel

No. of episodes

32 (List of episodes)

Executive producer(s)

Regular Guy
Fish Hook

Production company(s)

Developer's Journal

Original run

March 9, 2012

FusionFall: Exodus is the first series installment in the Cartoon Network Universe MMO, FusionFall. Like some of the series to come, Esdous uses ideas and the continuity of the MMO.


An alien race called Fusions launch an attack on the Earth it takes over all of the Earth's computers, rendering all communication useless while creating new armies of Fusion Minions to try to destroy virtually every city in the world. They succeeded and nearly conquered the entire earth. Fortunately, mankind has retreated from the threat into a areas shielded by domes to protect against the pollution and monsters unleashed by Fuse. As the last defense, an elite force of warriors must learn to operate an arsenal of radically advanced technology and super vehicles in order to battle the attacking fusion army bent on world domination.


FusionFall: Exodus was the first Developer's Journal production since 2011 to have a fresh lead producer, as Fungu Hilly departed in 2011 to work on other online projects. Taking his place was Norm. Exodus was his first online series. With Norm came two writers he had been associated with on various online projects, and Fish Hook. The three of them, along with Exodus story editor Irregular Guy and producer Regular Guy made up the writing team for the 32-episode season.


B.E.T.A. Operators

  • Liam Osborn
  • Zak The Sniper
  • Agent William
  • Blaster Stellarhand
  • Sara Pixel


  • Dexter - mentor and creator of the B.E.T.A. Series technology
  • Samurai Jack
  • Edd
  • Mojo Jojo
  • Ben
  • Numbuh Five


  • Lord Fuse
  • Fusion Juniper Lee
  • Dr. Egg Man
  • Alps


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