Freddy Fishlegs
Freddy Fishlegs
Vital statistics
Series The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
Location Peach Creek Commons

Freddy Fishlegs is an NPC. During the Birthday Bash, he can be seen selling Flapjack items. During the Valentine's Day event, Freddy could be seen in the Future giving out the mission "Blood Gnat Extermination." His real name is Jeff. His legs can be seen in a much bigger version in the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack episode, "Sea Legs."

In the Past Freddy is stationed at Peach Creek Commons, next to a wrecked rowboat at the head of the bridge leading to the Park 'N' Flush, exactly as he was for the Valentine's Day event. Currently he gives out the missions "That's Just Peachy (Part 4 of 5)" and "That's Just Peachy (Part 5 of 5)," by which the player gains the lead-lined diving boots needed to access Peach Creek Wilds, Marzipan City, Forbidden Island, Stormalong Harbor, and the Shipwreck Infected Zone.


  • Freddy currently stands where Flapjack was for the Valentine's event, when it was said that Flapjack had washed up in Peach Creek from a "Fuse-wrecked Stormalong." It is possible that Flapjack was originally meant to give out the "That's Just Peachy" mission that allows the player to reach Stormalong. Flapjack moved to Leakey Lake during the Saint Patrick's Day event; it is possible that he mistook the words "Peach Creek Lake" for "Leaky Lake," since he is looking for Bubbie there while she is actually in the Shipwreck Infected Zone.
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