Fort Forte
Fort Forte
Area Level 37
NPCs Numbuh 60
Agent Honeydew
Tino Tonitini

Fort Forte is the snowy KND fortress formed from tunnels carved into the icy face of the Chilly Cliffs on City Island, which can be reached from Fearless Falls by way of the highly dangerous Blazing Bridge. This area serves as a containment unit for several dangerous Fusions, as well as a travel hub linking the Downtown area with several newly added outlying areas. There is a KND S.C.A.M.P.E.R. here that accesses City Station, Peach Creek Commons, Mt. Blackhead, Forsaken Valley, Hunter's Nest, and Dark City (one-way). The Monkey Skyway Agents here, however, will not take players any farther than the Whattzap Dock on City Peninsula.

Several KND operatives are stationed there under the command of Numbuh 60, who offers a number of training missions to the player.

Agent Honeydew is in charge of looking over Fort Forte's armory. Given her years of training with the Global Security, she keeps Brick and Patton in line, and is one of the few adults who has earned the respect of the Kids Next Door operatives that were stationed there.

Brick, having pursued his dream of Fashion School, has combined his love of fashion with his military background by offering a line of extremely effective and modish armors and armaments in the Total Drama brand. Players can obtain these by completing the missions he gives out.

Tino Tonitini is stationed there due to a mix-up: he thought he was supposed to be going off to Summer Camp, but ended up being drilled as a new recruit to the KND. As long as he is here, he is determined to create the world's biggest Chug-a-Freeze, for which he asks the player to gather ingredients. Though Tino is a bit snarky, particularly toward Brick, he seems determined to make the best of his "terrible, horrible, hopelessly bad" situation.

Missions Available


  • This area appears to be based on the Arctic Prison from Codename: Kids Next Door.
  • Since City Island can only be reached by taking the Monkey Skyway Agents from the Docks on City Peninsula, this area of the game was not available until that section was added in June of 2012.
  • The area becomes available only after the player has "beaten" Fuse once; it is later revealed that he was able to regenerate after his initial defeat.
  • Two characters here are named after World War II U.S. generals: Patton Drilovsky and Brick M(a)cArthur.
  • Tino is the only NPC that doesn't have some sort of military or agent background to him.
    • Patton and Brick are based on drill sergeants (and Brick was in ROTC) while Honeydew is an agent of the Global Security.
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