The Forbidden Lake is an area found inside the Darklands. It is west of Forsaken Valley. The entire area is a lake of fusion matter, the only platforms are sevreal heavily damaged docks, sunken ships, and a large island which serves as the main section of the area. The island is surrounded by a damaged fence. There is also a damaged cabin, and a crashed Scamper. The only major NPC here is GIR, but there is also a stranded Scamper pilot. 

Forbidden Lake
Area Level 29

Numbuh 6934


The crashed scamper was caused by a malfunction caused by GIR. Apparently, when GIR was taking a ride in a scamper, he pressed a red button which released the engine from the ship, causing the ship to crash on the island, and causing GIR and the scamper pilot to be stranded on the it.

Infected Zone

North of the main area is the fusion swamp infected zone.  The infected zone is made up of several small islands and sunken ships.

Fusion Lairs

Fusion GIR's lair

Fusion Megaman's Secret lair

Fusion Wilt's Epic lair

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