Vital statistics
Series The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
Location Leakey Lake
Voiced by Thurop Van Orman

Flapjack is a young adventurer who, along with K'nuckles and Bubbie, searches for Candied Island. He was raised by Bubbie (a whale), apparently orphaned at a young age. Still, in one episode they found Candied Island and he tasted it, but never touched it because of the pull of gravity.


War against Fuse

The Future

In The Future, Flapjack and K'nuckles left Stormalong due to the Fusion invasion along with Bubbie. Stormalong seems to have collapsed, showing that Fuse had managed to destroy Stormalong and all of its residents. They approached Orchid Bay which had been invaded too, so K'nuckles and Flapjack accidentally split up, which indicates that K'nuckles has either fallen or been captured. Flapjack seems to have survived up until this point. He is at Birthday Bash celebrating with his friends.

The Past

He apparently separated from Captain K'nuckles to look for Bubbie after the rumored destruction of Stormalong Harbor. Flapjack seems unaware about the war and is focused only on finding K'nuckles and Bubbie. He also doesn't seem to notice the monsters.

A New World

He arrived alone to The Wilds looking for help to find Bubbie. He has stationed himself in Leakey Lake. Flapjack says that he misses K'nuckles and Bubbie, and that losing them makes it an adventure to find them.

When Goo arrived at Leaky Lake and started wildly creating imaginary friends that were also part Fusion (as she was creating them based on the Fusions she saw), Flapjack noticed this and was able to calm her down so she would stop. Flapjack decided to keep watch over her and stationed her next to him by the infected zone.


  • Flapjack reappeared in FusionFall for the Valentine's event by washing up in Peach Creek from a "Fuse-wrecked Stormalong." (Freddy Fishlegs is currently where Flapjack was for the Valentine's event). It is possible that Flapjack was originally meant to give out the "That's Just Peachy" mission that allows the player to reach Stormalong.
  • Flapjack moved to Leakey Lake during the Saint Patrick's Day event; it is possible that he mistook the words "Peach Creek Lake" for "Leaky Lake," since he is looking for Bubbie there while she is actually in the Shipwreck Infected Zone.
  • In one of the newer level 27 missions Stormalong Harbor was mentioned for the first time in the game; it actually appeared on November 28, 2013, when it was revealed that Stormalong Harbor was destroyed, as said in Bubbie's diary.
  • Despite hints that he would appear at some point, there is still no sign of Captain K'Nuckles in the game.


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