Filthy Frank ramen

Filthy Frank, bathing in ramen noodles after filling his bath tub with them.

Sir Francis of the Filth, more commonly known simply as Filthy Frank, is the title character of The Filthy Frank Show, a comedic YouTube series chronicling his life and adventures. Frank is a servant to the Dark Lord Chin Chin, and arranges his annual sacrifices to keep him appeased. Frank is also a comedian, chef, social commentator, animal rights activist, "anime hunter" and the current Emperor of Japan.

Role in Lord Fuse's invasion (FusionFall)

The Chef

Frank can ward off evil beings with his holy Chef DVD.

Frank was in his apartment playing with dead animals when Planet Fusion appeared over Earth and Lord Fuse's forces began assaulting the planet. Frank was initially going to just do nothing while the aliens massacred everyone, until Chin Chin appeared and told Frank to help fight them, because if everyone died, then Chin Chin would have no more worshipers.

Frank, along with his "friends" (Pink Guy, Safari Man, Salamander Man, Santa's Brother and more), have since been doing their best to combat the threat of Lord Fuse's twisted army, though mostly they've just been throwing things at them while screaming and wasting all of their actual bullets on anime characters, weaboos and bad rappers.

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