Fearless Falls
Area Level 36
NPCs Numbuh 5367

Numbuh 3224

Fearless Falls is a large valley south of Fort Forte, consisting of two large cliffs connected by the almost destroyed "Blazing Bridge", the latter leading to Fort Forte. At the bottom of the cliffs is a frozen river heavily infested with the dangerous Polvoltar Bears, while the Blazing Bridge is haunted by Fuse's fiery Flame Wingos. The area appears to be cold and frozen, but not to the extent of Fort Forte.

The area's primary purpose is to serve as the only on-foot route to Fort Forte, only accessed through the aforementioned heavily damaged bridge. Invisible barriers prevent the player from finding a way around the bridge. The only NPCs in the area are two KND operatives guarding the Blazing Bridge.

Fusion Monsters 

Polvoltar Bear Name Polvoltar Bear
Boss Polvoltar Bearserker
Level 36
Type Adaptium
You won't want a hug from these bears! Their pile drivers are electrified!
Corruption Attack


Area: Fearless Falls

Flame Wingo Name Flame Wingo
Boss Flame Kingo
Level 36
Type Blastons
The burning big brother of the Tech Wing, this bird is bigger, faster, and comes armed with blazing breath. Hope your fire insurance is paid up!

Stun Attack


  • Fearless Falls is one of the many areas that can only be accessed after defeating Fuse once.
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