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Cartoon Network Fusionfall

What is Fusionfall?

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Characters in Fanonfall.

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Damian Darkblade

Example Fanon Character.

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The FanonFall: A FusionFall Fan Fiction Wiki, or simply FFF, is a community of people who are fan-fiction writers or roleplayers that wants to help expand the FusionFall Universe, though just recently formed. This wiki is still growing so be aware that some sections of this site are still very much under construction. Also, please note that this wiki is operated by the FusionFall Wiki so users may more easily network between the two wikis.

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Canon means "part of the storyline." In other words, canon in FusionFall is anything that is part of the actual game or news that has been confirmed by the developers. There is another wiki called
where anyone can find real, canon FusionFall info. This wiki, on the other hand, is for fan fiction. Fan fiction is anything about a subject written by fans of said subject. In this case, it's fan fiction about FusionFall.