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Eternal Vistas Map.png
Eternal Vistas
Area Level 08
NPCs Marceline
Van Kleiss

Eternal Vistas is an area in FusionFall that is part of Endsville, from Billy and Mandy. It contains the Home of the Ancients, a retirement home in Endsville, and is also home to Fusion Eddy's Secret Lair. Part of the Eternal Meadows graveyard also lies in the north of Eternal Vistas. The portal to the Mystery Dungeon is also found here.

To the north is Eternal Meadows where there are some random Urban Rangers, who are surrounding a gravestone, marked " A. Kwest lies here", crying for no obvious reason. It also carries a rare store called Boneless Chicken Wings, which is labeled BCW. This area also contains a Thromnambular. This area also contains a treasure chest that sells rare items.

Along the border of Endsville, Marceline and Van Kleiss, not far from each other and are located in a cave.