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ParadoxA.png Special Mission Eon (Part 1 of 11)
Level 51
Difficulty Normal
Character Paradox
Place City Station
Save Young Ben.
My Notes
I went to the past to protect young Ben Tennyson. Now I need to save the other Bens. I can't let Eon kill them.
ParadoxA.png Paradox
We'd better hurry; if we don't, you all could be dead. To the Ship's Interior!
Step 1
Enter Ships Interior IMMEDIATELY!
ParadoxA.png Paradox
You see, the Ship's Interior will protect us from the time continuum. If we were out there, you might never have been born--or worse, you could be dead. -Sigh- Eon, -Tsk- Eon. He is the cause of this. We shall have to go back in time before Ben is gone.
Step 2
Enter the Time Portal
Grandpa MaxA.png Grandpa Max
Hello, can you hear me, -Player name here-? Good. I'm in the Ship's Interior I brought the Present Ben just in case. This is a recorded message. Make sure you protect the ten-year-old Ben and Gwen.
Step 3
Protect Ben and Gwen from waves of Eon's minions.
File:Young BenA.png Young Ben
Who are you?
Step 4
Go Back to the Portal.
ParadoxA.png Paradox
Good, you have gotten Young Ben! Gwen has no use for us; she is safe. Now we need to get the slightly Older Ben (Omniverse Ben)!