Egg Palace East
Egg Palace East
Area Level 30
NPCs Dr. Eggman


Egg Palace East is Dr. Eggman's invincible fortress, from which he sought to rule West City with an iron fist. It was constructed of pure Taydonite, and a vast Red Potara dangles from the ceiling of Dr. Eggman's throne room, rendering the whole building impregnable to ordinary earthly forces. Fuse, however, was a different matter; the Terrafusers in the West City Infected Zone which lies under the palace, spewed forth Fusion Matter which overwhelmed many of Eggman's robot courtiers, turning them into dangerous Fusion Monsters. Egg Palace East can be entered only from the sewers or from Egg Palace West.

Dr. Eggman may be found here, pursuing his various nefarious schemes.


Bad Barons

Crazy Metal Marquis

Dire Duchesses

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