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Vital statistics
Alias Double D
Species Human
Designation Guide

Mission Giver

Series Ed, Edd n Eddy
Location Peach Creek Commons
Nano Item Sock Hat
Oh my, what a mess!


Edd (also known as Double D) is the smart, polite, and well-behaved one of the Eds. He does all of the engineering work for all of Eddy's scams. He also wears a sock on his head because of a dodge ball incident.


He appears in FusionFall, but has no appearance in any of the Future Areas, hinting he hadn't survived to the point of Tech Square's fall. Instead, he is a character whom the hero encounters in the past.

While Eddy proclaims himself to be the King of the Cul-De-Sac, Edd is much more of a leadership position. He was the one who set up the plan to make the Cardboard Fortress that surrounds the Cul-de-Sac. He is never seen without his sock hat, raising eyebrows about what secrets lie beneath it. His eye color is also unconfirmed.

The Edd Nano

Choosing him as a Guide will give the player access to missions involving finding buried candy treasure or learning secrets, while inadvertently having the player hide the candy so as not to let Fuse take it. The candy that the player first discovers is a cursed candy that causes its consumer to go slightly insane. If Fuse had gained this power, he would be able to weaken the heroes' defenses. Edd finds help for other characters, such as when he agreed to help read one of the treasure maps. Billy also helps read a map that leads the hero to the Eternal Meadows infected zone, and Stickybeard, who tells the story behind the cursed candy. Courage and Samurai Jack who eventually helps when some of the candy is found by Fuse's monsters and taken to the Darklands.