Vital statistics
Alias Monobrow
Species Human
Designation Mission Giver
Series Ed, Edd n Eddy
Location Mount Blackhead
Nano Item Comic Book
Butter toast


Ed is friends with Edd and Eddy, and he is almost the oppsite of both tall, dumb, and strong. Ed has a strong love for comic books, gravy, buttered toast, and scary monster movies. Ed's amazing strength is enough the lift a house easily. Ed has a little sister named Sarah.


In FusionFall, when the first terrafuser arrives on Earth, Ed, Edd, and Eddy are watching the sky when it swoops past them. Ed suggest it looks like a giant jawbreaker. He and Edd are curiously absent in the future world (along with the other Cul-de-Sac kids, who are strangely also absent in the past Cul-de-Sac). Eddy says to the player that "Big Ed isn't aroundEd and Edd likely fell in the initial invasion of Fuse."

In "Princess' Payback (Part 1 of 4)," Ed is one of the four NPC's at Mount Blackhead that Princess has the player get a candle from. Princess doubts him being royalty upon hearing of his self-given "king of the jungle outpost" status. He gives the candle to the player, telling him/her to take good care of it and that he made it from his earwax.


  • While spending his time at the Jungle Outpost, Ed used to think of himself as the king of the outpost.
    • Ed doesn't want to go back to go to the Cul-de-Sac because of this.
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