Echo Echo
Echo Echo
Vital statistics
Species Sonorosian
Series Ben 10
Location Pokey Oaks South
Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker

Echo Echo is one of Ben's alien forms. He is a Sonorosian with the ability to multiply himself and create a powerful ultrasonic frequency with his mouth. Echo Echo has an Ultimate form, thanks to the Ultimatrix, which looks like a dark blue robot Sonorosian. It can shoot sonic discs from its hands and is also taller than Echo Echo's original form.


In FusionFall, he can be seen during the Birthday Bash, mentioning that Ben's aliens could be sent across the world thanks to Dexter's new invention. Because of his cloning abilities, he has become an NPC group

He is seen in "Alien Abduction - A FusionFall Adventure" as an NPC, as well as inside a tube with numerous other Echo Echos. The NPCs are actually Ben transformed into Echo Echoes. Echo Echo also has "bioid" versions of himself, called Bioid Echo Echos, which can be fought in Vilgax's ship (the one with Ben in front of the portal). He also has a Fusion counterpart called Fusion Mega Echo which attacks Genius Grove at night.


  • He is Ben's first alien transformation to become a Fusion.
  • He and Alien X are Ben's first alien transformations to become NPCs.


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