Earth ES
General Information
Species Human
Various Aliens
Galaxy Alpha Solar System

Earth ES (Earth Extradimensional Space) is the home planet of Humans, aliens, some human/alien hybrids, and many animal life forms, located in the Alpha Solar System, which is in another dimension. It is a more upgraded Earth then the one in the Milky Way Galaxy. Earth ES is said to be a Level 52 planet, which explains the high development of powerful technology. Aliens and Humans have lived together on this planet for ages without any problems with each other.


Fusion Invasion

In the year 2009 E.S., Earth ES was invaded by the Fusion Army, as Lord Fuse wished to steal the planet's resources to survive. The Humans and aliens teamed up to face this threat, getting every nation on Earth ES to join their fight. Fuse was soon pushed from Earth ES and fled into endless space. However, a small fraction of his army was left behind and started a Fusion Resistance against the planet. Fusion Paradox, who changed his name to Professor Cong, led the army to a few victories. It wasn't until 2010 E.S. that Cong had perfected dimensional crossing, and escaped to Earth join a Fusion army in that dimension (since normal Earth had failed to drive Fuse away). Ben 10,000 followed Cong into the Milky Way Galaxy. Due to dimensional crossing, Ben's Omnitirx froze up, causing it to hold only five aliens and to freeze up from time to time.

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