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The Duel of the Centillion is a Level 8 multi-part mission given out by Larry 3000. In this mission, Larry asks you to recruit the leaders of six different Factions. The next 7 parts involve you and the faction leader taking on the fusion. The final part is special: You find out Fuse has created a fusion of yourself. Part 9 wins an exclusive hat item: Woofbot Scrap Helmet

Mission Details

Location: Goat's Junk Yard

Giver: Larry 3000

Quest: Recruit six leaders

Journal: I recruited six Faction leaders.


Reward (Parts 1-8): Level 8 Mission Crate

Reward (Part 9): Woofbot Scrap Helmet

Woofbot Scrap Helmet

Accessory type: Hat

Appearance: The broken-down head of Woofbot

Description: You have unlocked this new helmet! Looking at the design closely, the character is very familiar, almost as if the character was created by the same person.


Part 1

Larry: The first member is located nearby, in Peach Creek Estates. He may be friends with Father, but that shouldn't affect his status since we know Father, like most villians, are making a truce with the heroes until Fuse is gone.

Task: Talk to Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson: I am the leader of Team Lunch, but I need some help. Some Heavy Loaders stole my donut! Are you going to help me take it back?

Task: Defeat Heavy Loaders (Donuts to recover: 1) (75% drop rate)

Homer Simpson (Nanocom): Woohoo! Now bring my delicious donut to me!

Task: Deliver the donut to Homer Simpson!

Homer Simpson: Mmmm... Fusion Matter flavor... WAIT A MINUTE! FUSION MATTER? This donut is ruined. Oh well! Go speak to the next member!

Homer Simpson: Mmmmm... Donuts... Uh oh, I don't feel so great.

Mario (Nanocom): Wahoo! Get your ravioli over here and help me!

Task: Go to the Cul-De-Sac

Mario: Oh, you are too late. That Hydro Hammer stole my Spaghetti...

Task: Defeat Hydro Hammers (Spaghetti to recover: 3) (50% drop rate)

To Be Continued soonish...