Drifty The Driftblade
Vital statistics
Real name Driftblade
Age 7
Species Monsuno
Series Monsuno Fanon Monsters
Location Gravity Falls
Nano Item Chipped claw
Voiced by None

Drifty is Haze The Hedgehog's pet Monsuno.


When Drifty was summoned by Haze during a battle in Tech Square against a crowd of Cyberus Zeroes, Haze miscalculated his strength in the throw, and Drifty was sent flying towards a portal to Gravity Falls. There he was taken care of by the workers in the Mystery Shack and was used as entertainment. When Gravity Falls became infected, Drifty ate some of the Fusion Matter, but proved immune to it.

For that reason, he is being used in studies by scientists like Dexter to find how that was possible. Drifty is being used as a kind of a "bottom feeder" around the place, cleaning up as more and more Fusion Matter appears.


Drifty's owner, Haze

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