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Drew Saturday
Drew Saturday.png
Vital statistics
Series The Secret Saturdays
Location The Ruins
Voiced by Nicole Sullivan

Drew Saturday is the mother of Zak Saturday, Komodo, Fiskerton, and Zon, the sister of Doyle, and the wife of Doc Saturday. She is a scientist who has spent most of her life studying cryptids. She was raised by Tibetan monks after she was separated from her brother Doyle and her deceased parents, in an attack orchestrated by the Yeti, V.V. Argost. She believes in the magic and uses a fire-sword. She is very protective of Zak.


The Future

In the Future, Drew is still alive along with her family. She 

Drew at Birthday Bash in The Future

appeared at Birthday Bash in Pokey Oaks North.

The Past

In the Past, Drew and her family have arrived in the FusionFall world to help out. She is currently stationed at The Ruins with Zon.

In "Cryptid Crisis (Part 1 of 3)", when Zak sends the player to ask Drew about any recent cryptid sightings in The Ruins, she mentions that her cryptid scanners have been detecting many cryptids in the area, but she isn't able to find any of them.

In her nano mission ("Motherly Instinct"), she has the player recover items (a cryptid scanner and batteries) from nearbyFusion monsters and bring them to her. Her scanners detect a large amount of cryptids in Devil's Bluff, and not in their natural habitats. The cryptids were also located on the same exact spot. She has the player check it out, where they discover Fusion Drew Saturday, who has captured the cryptids in her lair with plans to create Fusion monsters of them. The hero is able to stop Fusion Drew and earns themselves the Drew Saturday nano, too.