Vital statistics
Species Vampire
Designation Mission Giver
Series The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Location Eternal Vistas
Nano Item His Cape
Dracula is a washed-up, cranky, retired vampire who lives in the Home of the Ancients, a retirement home for monsters that is located in another dimension. He is Grim's childhood hero and Irwin's grandfather. He is an open advocate for the "Scrape 'N' Lick" method of vampirism, and detests the traditional blood "sucking" method. In fact, he claims that the traditional method of vampirism is a "mif (myth)."


The Future

In the future, seeing as he (like GrimJeff, and Fred Fredburger) is an immortal creature from the underworld, he is likely still "alive" in the future.

The Past

In the past, he appeared for the first time during the Halloween 2009 event, making his way to Peach Creek Commons (Cul-De-Sac, both Future and Past) both because he was tired of staying at the Home of the Ancients and also because he found some Pumpkin Crates to sell. He has been known for appearing and disappearing from the area before and after Halloween. He became a permanent member of FusionFall Retro on February 12, 2019, at the start of that year's Valentine's Day event.

Currently, he resides outside the Home of the Ancients in Eternal Vistas, where he primarily tasks the player with getting stolen objects back from Fusion Monsters and trying to prank or con his neighbors Bloo and Him. He states that he came outside so he could take advantage of the player helping others. In The Grooviest Fusion (Part 2 of 3), he notices his cape has Fusion Matter all over it and asks the player to find whoever ruined it. While the player is searching for clues, Dracula comes to the conclusion that his cape was used to create a Fusion version of himself. He tells the player to find the Fusion Lair, but they end up finding a dog instead. The player then returns to Dracula and is rewarded with his cape. Dracula thinks that Fuse was scared off by his dance moves.

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