Dr. wily castle
Dr. Wily's Lab
Area Level 42
NPCs Dr. Light
Dr. Wily
Mega Man
Saya Takagi
Tracey Sketchit

Dr. Wily's Lab is a level 42 area. Players can find Dr. Wily's enemies Dr. Light, Rush, Roll, and Mega Man here because Dr. Light's Lab was destroyed by Fusions; Dr. Light needed a lab to work in and Dr. Wily needed some chemicals only Dr. Light had. They decided to work together in an attempt to create "Super Nanos" and Dr. Light took Roll, Mega Man, and Rush with him just in case Dr. Wily might attempt a double-cross.

Saya Takagi and Tracey Sketchit are here to assist in the "Super Nano" project. They talk endlessly about Left 4 Dead; Tracey holds the opinion that Pokémon would be amazing in L4D, but Saya says that idea is dumb.


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