Dr. Wily
Vital statistics
Real name Albert W. Wily
Age 60
Species Human
Series Mega Man
Location Dr. Wily's Lab
Voiced by Scott McNeil

Albert W. Wily, OBE, Ph.D., better known simply as Dr. Wily, is the principal villain of the Mega Man series of video games. Wily is a typical mad scientist, rather resembling Albert Einstein, a tall, thin figure, with a mustache and a gray fringe around a balding crown, wearing a lab coat. Originally, Wily was Dr. Light's partner and friend, and helped him create a series of humanoid robots to help mankind, though the world ignored his contribution. Jealous, he reprogrammed the robots, except the childlike robots Rock and Roll, to assist him in taking over the world. However, Wily was defeated by Rock, who had become the combat robot "Mega Man."


Dr. Wily's enemy Dr. Light came to work in Dr. Wily's Lab because Dr. Light's Lab was destroyed by Fusions. They decided to work together on a project to boost the power of Dexter's Nano technology, though Dr. Light took care to bring Mega Man, Roll, and Rush with him, just in case Dr. Wily might try to betray the anti-Fusion cause.

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