Dr. Light
Dr -Light
Vital statistics
Real name Dr. Thomas Light
Location Dr. Wily's Lab
Voiced by Randall Wiebe

Dr. Thomas Light is the creator of Proto Man, Mega Man, Roll, Rush and a number of other robots. He was formerly the partner of Albert W. Wily, but when that scientist turned to evil and reprogrammed Dr. Light's robots, Dr. Light made the decision to use those robots that remained to him to undo Dr. Wily's evil.


When Dr. Light's lab was destroyed by Fusions, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily decided to work together to create an improved version of Dexter's Nano technology, the "Super Nano." Nevertheless, Mega Man and Roll don't trust Dr. Wily even as much as Dr. Light does, and accompanied the good doctor to his rival's lab to safeguard him and the Super Nanos.


  • This character is not to be confused with Dr. Arthur Light, who is a villain in the DC universe.
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