Zack TonamiA Nano Mission Don't Mess With The Hybrid
Level 32
Difficulty Hard
Character Zack Tonami
Place Crisis Peak Infected Zone
Recover Zack's stolen sword.
My Notes
If I retrieve Zack's sword, I have the chance to gain a Nano.

Mission Details

Zack TonamiA Zack Tonami
There've been mysterious sightings of me around Earth. Can you find out what is going on?
Step 1
Talk to Zekzon.

ZekzonA Zekzon
Zack? I saw him at Peach Creek Commons and Pokey Oaks. Talk To Blossom and Aliyah.
Step 2
Talk To Aliyah.

File:AliyahA.png Aliyah
Oh, Lord, he's at it again. He'll never learn, now, will he?
Step 3
Talk To Blossom.

BlossomA Blossom
Zack? I thought he was at Foster's a minute ago. It's probably a Fusion version of him. I'll see you at the Crisis Peak Infected Zone, but get more clues first.
ButtercupA Buttercup
Hey! Zack should be in Crisis Peak. I would go talk to Dexter or Jack.

Step 4
Talk to Dexter.
DexterA Dexter
Zack wouldn't do these things. It's Fusion Zack that doing them. I know for sure Zack is not a bad guy.
Zack TonamiA Zack Tonami
Thanks for the help, Dex; I owe you one. Now, time to stop fusion Zack before something else bad happens!

Step 5
Go to Crisis Core.
BlossomA Blossom
Good, you're in the infected Zone. Now you need to find Fusion Zack's Lair and finish him.
Zack TonamiA Zack Tonami
All right, Blossom, let's go finish him.

Step 6
Go into the Fusion Lair.
Zack TonamiA Zack Tonami
Wow, I didn't think Fusion Zack would have friends. Let's go defeat them.

Step 7
Defeat 12 Fusion Cyborgs.
Step 8
Defeat Fusion Blast (0/1).
Zack TonamiA Zack Tonami
One down, three to go.

Step 9
Defeat Fusion Aliyah and Zekzon (0/2).
BlossomA Blossom
It's time to take down the leader, Fusion Zack.

Step 10
Defeat Fusion Zack (0/1).
Zack TonamiA Zack Tonami
Now that that's over, meet me outside and return the sword.

Step 11
Exit the Infected Zone and talk to Zack.
Zack TonamiA Zack Tonami
That was a good fight. We should team up some other time!
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