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Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines.png
Vital statistics
Age 13
Series Gravity Falls (series)
Location Gravity Falls
Voiced by Jason Ritter
When life gives you lemons, extract the juice and use it to draw a treasure map in invisible ink. That really works! Seriously!

Dipper Pines is the slightly younger (by five minutes) twin brother of Mabel Pines and is a curious, clever, and inventive thirteen-year-old. Sometime during the month of June in an unspecified year four years ago, Dipper and his twin sister Mabel were sent from their home to the the mysterious town of Gravity Falls to stay with their Grunkle Stan, who runs a tourist trap named the "Mystery Shack" that doubles as his house. With his sister, Dipper has been endeavoring to uncover the secrets of the bizarre backwoods community over the course of several summers.


Since the beginning of the Fusion invasion, Dipper has been trying to stem the flood of Fusion Matter that has been creeping into the town -- an attempt that has been generally unsuccessful, because his Mystery Manual has gone missing.  It is later revealed to have been stolen by Li'l Gideon.  After its recovery, Dipper sends the player on missions to gather the materials he needs to set up magical defenses against the Fusion menace.


  • Dipper is based on Gravity Falls' creator, Alex Hirsch, and his reminiscences of his and his sister's activities in summer camp.
  • Like most other child characters in FusionFall, Dipper has been aged up to a teenager.