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Demongo The Fox
Vital statistics
Real name Demongo Destroyer
Alias Red Knight

Troublesome Fox

Species Anthropomorphic Fox
Designation Mission Giver
Series Demongo The Fox
Location Zeropoint City
Nano Item Bandana

Demongo Fox is a fox with "dual tails" who is a master thief like Sly. He is stationed at Downtown Zeropoint City.


At a time when Demongo was teamed up with his friend Maw, a Terrafuser fell right into their hideout, sending Team Dual off to various places. Demongo was found unconscious by Sly, who therefore took him to Downtown Zeropoint. After Sly had saved him, Demongo Fox payed his debt of gratitude by joining the fight against Fuse. To that end, Demongo has created another hideout.

Demongo Colors