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Vital statistics
Alias The Soul Collector
Species Demon
Series Samurai Jack (series)
Location Huntor's Crest
Nano Item Skull
Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson

Demongo, also known as The Soul Collector, is Aku's strongest minion and is an essence collector. He is sent after Jack after the samurai manages to stay alive after Aku's constant attempts on his life.


In FusionFall, no one is even sure if Demongo had survived up to the point when the player arrived in the far future. But he is within Huntor's Crest in the Darklands in the past. He has strange powers (though he tells the player during a Dexter Guide Mission that Fusion Demongo stole his powers) and seems to know about a super powerful weapon that could be created from the remains of several of Fuse's enemies who went berserk not long before. He tells the player that the spirits of ancient warriors attack Fusion Monsters, using their powers to turn them into weapons. It is not certain if Demongo is actually helping to fight Fuse since he has little contact with any of the heroes. Fusion Demongo is apparently one of Fuse's most trusted fusions since he appears to fight alongside Lord Fuse when the player invades his castle. Demongo also gives info about Aku in Dexter's final Guide Mission. He doesn't tell if he's working for Aku, but he says that his master is near and that he's watching. He is possibly referring to the Aku Nano players obtain before doing that mission.

In the "Delivery!" mission, after the player takes Cheese's cake to Demongo, Demongo states that he would send it to Jack for further disposal. This suggests that Demongo and Jack have been able to put aside their differences completely in order to help out during the war.


  • Demongo was the right-hand man of Aku and Fusion Demongo is the Right-hand man of Fuse.
  • Fusion Demongo stole his powers.
  • He appeared in only one episode, before he was possibly killed by his former master Aku.
  • He seems to dislike Jet the Hawk and tends to tease him.