ChowderA World Mission Delivery!
Level 29
Difficulty Hard
Character Chowder
Place Peach Creek Commons - The Suburbs
Deliver three cakes before the time runs out.
My Notes
I helped Chowder make some deliveries before sunset.

I need your help delivering these cakes. Remember, if they aren't delivered before sunset, the cakes are free. So hurry!

ChowderA Chowder
Your first delivery is to Dee Dee. You can find her in Genius Grove.

Step 1
Deliver cake to Dee Dee.

Remaining time: 180

Dee DeeA Dee Dee
Thank you! This cake will be perfect for my ballet banquet.

ChowderA Chowder
Good work! Now head down to Foster's. The next cake is for Frankie.

Step 2
Deliver cake to Frankie.

Remaining time: 240

FrankieA Frankie
Thanks. Today is Eduardo's birthday. He's going to be excited to see his cake!

DemongoA Demongo
Greetings, human! You must deliver this last cake to Cheese.

Step 3
Deliver cake to Cheese in the Darklands.

Remaining time: 460

CheeseA Cheese

DemongoA Demongo
Cheese is going to lose it! Hurry up and come see me!

Step 4
Talk to Demongo to complete your mission.

DemongoA Demongo
Cheese will be okay. Just try not to go near him for a while. I'll give this cake to Samurai Jack. He'll take care of it.
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