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Dark Glade Map.png
Dark Glade
Area Level 32
NPCs Doctor JC

Numbuh 2643

The Dark Glade is an area in the Darklands known for being completely infected, an island of rock in the middle of a canyon, containing the Dark Tree Clearing infected zone, which, through its roots, spread the Fusion Matter infection underground. The Dark Tree itself is trying to fight off the infection from within, but it only ends up creating Ghastly Growths in the process. Through the combined efforts of Doctor JC and the Hero, the Dark Tree is slowly winning its battle with the infection. Here, Fusion Samurai Jack has been helping with the Dark Tree's infection, Fusion Demongo has been stealing items of power to increase his strength, and Fusion Mandark is heading a Fusion Control Center.

In order to learn more about Fuse's plot to create an army of Fusion Kevins, Hoss Delgado instructed the hero to plant some Skull Basher brains at the base of the tree so that he could read the bashers' minds for information.