Daffy Duck
Vital statistics
Age 29
Species American Black Duck
Designation NPC
Series The Looney Tunes Show
Location Hokey Pokey Woods
Voiced by Jeff Bergman
Daffy Duck is a humanoid duck who who appears in The Looney Tunes Show, in which he is voiced by Jeff Bergman. His first appearance was in Tex Avery's short, Porky's Duck Hunt. Back in his days at Warner Bros, he was paired with Porky, Bugs Bunny, and Speedy Gonzales in several short cartoons.


Daffy is an American black duck with a white ring on his neck, and an orange bill and feet.

In FusionFall

Both Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck came to the Hokey Pokey Woods, apparently to get away from Yosemite Sam. Sometimes his antics annoy anyone who meets him.

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