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Zak SaturdayA.png World Mission Cryptid Crisis (Part 1 of 3)
Level 18
Difficulty Easy
Character Zak Saturday
Place Mount Blackhead - The Wilds
Ask Drew if she's seen any runaway cryptids.
My Notes
I asked Drew if she's seen any of the runaway cryptids and learned Fuse might be the cause.

Mission Offer

Cryptid Crisis (Part 1 of 3)
Hey, I need your help looking for runaway cryptids in The Wilds.

Mission Details

Zak SaturdayA.png Zak Saturday
You need to go to the Ruins and talk to my mom. She knows a lot about cryptids. Ask her if she's seen any lately.

Step 1
Talk to Drew.

Drew SaturdayA.png Drew Saturday
My scanners have picked up a variety of cryptids in the area lately, but oddly I can't find any of them.
Drew SaturdayA.png Drew Saturday
The cryptid situation has been messed up since Planet Fusion arrived. I'll let you know if I see anything.
Zak SaturdayA.png Zak Saturday
Oh well. We’ve made sense of weirder things before. Come back and see me for your reward.

Step 2
Report back to Zak.

Zak SaturdayA.png Zak Saturday
My mom's scanners are picking up cryptids all over the place, but we can't seem to find any of them. Maybe Fuse's creeps have something to do with this. Anyways, here's a reward for helping out.