Crisis Core
Crisis Core
Area Level 56
NPCs Starfire

The Crisis Core is the Crisis Peak Infected Zone, located in the heart of the flaming mountain. Though the core is at the center of a fiery volcano, it is still possible to enter, and, by following the spiral path down from the cone, to penetrate to the fiery core that forms the Infected Zone itself. There are many Fusion lairs here, as well as a portal to the Galactus Universe just outside the entrance, guarded by Starfire. Crisis Core is the necessary destination of a number of missions.

Fusion Lairs/Missions

Lair Name of Mission Nano Given
Fusion Zack Don't Mess With The Hybrid Zack Nano
Fusion Zero Zero No More ? Zero Nano
Fusion Zack and Dante Devils Never Cry Dante Nano
Fusion Mega Man X Never Ending Fight X Nano
Fusion Tron Boone Tron Misadventure (Part 4 of 4) None
Fusion Tron Boone The Further Misadventures Of Tron Boone

Tron Boone Nano

Fusion Zekzon Divergent People (Part 4 of 4) None
Fusion Vergil Divine Hate Vergil Nano
Fusion Aliyah and Jay The Never Ending Love Aliyah and Jay Nano
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