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Courtney Dawson

Courtney of total drama.png

Vital statistics
Age 16
Species Human
Series Total Drama
Location Fusionfall Acadamy
Nano Item Checklist
Voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow

Courtney Dawson is HappyHelp's version of the Total Drama character Courtney. She is a human who was hit with one of the white rays that Alien X used to give the teens of the world the powers and skills of the heroes and villains of the Cartoon Network universe; she was given the skills of Dr. Rebecca Holiday. Courtney is a former contestant on Total Drama, but now wants to be on the front lines. Courtney's guide is Rex; her tutor is Agent Six.


Courtney used to be a little scared to let Conner Caster, Pen Mertens, Mark Valentine, and Rebecca fight because her friend Buttercup's boyfriend Pike Aftershock was almost killed by Fuse and because of what happened to Scott later; however, she has since realized that they can handle themselves.


Courtney has black eyes and brown hair. Courtney wears a grey shirt, dark green pants, and black leather high-heeled boots.


Courtney is skilled at using guns, rifles, cannons, and swords, while being very acrobatic being able to backflip, tumbles, and cartwheels. She is skilled at Hand-To-Hand Combat, and also as skilled at 2x4 technology as Numbuh Two.

Acrobatics: Courtney is a gifted and accomplished athlete, with heightened acrobatic prowess. Her feats have been so amazing, one could argue that her athletic ability is somewhat superhuman. [citation needed]

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): She was trained by the best teachers money can buy in self-defense modes such as Judo, Boxing, and Karate. She is a dangerous, clever, and resourceful fighter, known for precise, agile attacks and speedy getaways. Her formidable hand-to-hand combat skills are augmented by her speed, reflexes, balance, and flexibility.

Stealth: Her Ninjutsu training has made her a master at stealth and capable of breaching high security facilities without being detected.

Marksmanship: Dawson is an expert skilled marksman. She is skilled at throwing projectile weapons, archery and firearms. She is almost on par with Zoey in terms of accuracy and with Mike in terms of firearms.


Mark Valentine — Mark is her new love interest, inasmuch as he has everything she likes in a guy: leadership, smarts, and a "rebel" attitude.

Conner Caster — She and Conner are best friends and she helped Conner become more confident and outgoing.

Pen Mertens — She and Pen don't always get along, mostly due to Pen's suck-up attitude to adults.