Courtney (Total Drama)
Vital statistics
Age 16
Species Human
Series Total Drama
Location Endsville
Nano Item Checklist
Voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow

Courtney, labeled The "Type A," was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Killer Bass. Although she was originally unqualified for Total Drama Action, she debuted onto the show in "Ocean's Eight - Or Nine" due to a lawsuit she filed for wrongful termination from competition, and was placed on the Killer Grips. She was the central antagonist in the later half of the second season. She was a contestant on Total Drama World Tour, and was a member of Team Amazon. She was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. She was a contestant for Total Drama All-Stars, originally as a member of the Heroic Hamsters, but switched teams with Duncan in "Saving Private Leechball" as a result of her extremely selfish actions.

Happyhelp's Fan Fiction

For Courtney as she appears in Happyhelp's fan-fiction, please see Courtney Dawson.


In FusionFall, Courtney is an NPC. She decided to participate in the war,
Fusion Courtney

Fusion Courtney

although she was chased off into Endsville by the Fusion monsters. She has stationed herself next to Him, across the street from Billy. Her leadership skills are put to good use here, although her A-Type personality frequently creates conflict with Billy and Him, as well as with others nearby. Her weapon is a Providence Pistol.

She has also shown concern for Scott because of the intensity of the invasion.

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