Coach Halder
Coach Halder Full
Vital statistics
Species Human
Series 6teen
Location Galleria Mall
Nano Item Whistle
Voiced by Jamie Watson
Coach Halder (simply known as "Coach" to Jen and some other employees of the Penalty Box) is the manager and owner of the Penalty Box. He gives out "penalties" for the smallest infractions, or even for idiotic reasons (he once sentenced Jen to the penalty box for fighting with a customer, and he added time because she lost). Halder's trademark quote on the show is "MASTERSON!", which he yells whenever Jen has caused some misfortune.


He is a regular at Grind Me's poetry reading. He has a dislike for giving himself penalties and push ups, but is not above doing so. His one weakness is that he is terrified of mice (as a result of finding one in his jock strap) and spiders. He has poor eyesight, but in the short branch of time he gets glasses, his vision becomes as sharp as a hawk.

His favorite holiday of the year is Halloween, and he enjoys dressing up in a jumpsuit and hockey mask and scaring the customers with a chainsaw. He is seen with a girlfriend when they both left the "What Would Your Baby Look Like?" machine. Coach Halder also has a son, Cory Halder.


In FusionFall, he is found in the Galleria Mall nearby the Penalty Box. Due to Coach Halder being an extremely prideful man, he refuses to back away from a fight and let Fuse's forces take control. A lot of his worries, however, are based on the store's status and looking for new employees. He still remains on Jen's case for not always being around during the invasion and defending the store.

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