City Peninsula
Area Level 36
NPCs Brak
No one knows how ... No one knows when ... It just popped from the earth.


City Peninsula is a Level 36 area, that appears south of Orchid Bay after Lord Fuse is defeated. A Museum in honor of the FusionFall heroes is being built here, and Grapefruit and Pear give the player missions that involve finding various items to represent the various heroes in the collection; unfortunately, the Museum is also the City Peninsula Infected Zone.

One can walk or ride from Bravo Beach and Downtown to the peninsula; on the peninsula itself, to City Peninsula East, City Peninsula West, and the Wattzap Dock. Though one can see City Island from the Dock it is impossible to swim out to it, as there is an invisible barrier. The Monkey Skyway Agents here will carry players to Bravo Beach, Orchid Bay, and Townsville Park. Among the simians one will also find Brak, who assigns various missions, such as the "Monkey Love" mission which involves finding a series of monkeys among the museum bric-a-brac, as well as as his own Nano mission.


  • This area of the game was not available until the section was added in June of 2012.
  • The area becomes available only after the player has "beaten" Fuse once; it is later revealed that he was able to regenerate after his initial defeat.


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