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What about my money? Come back!

–Chris McLean

Chris McLean
Vital statistics
Species Human
Series Total Drama
Location Total Drama Island
Voiced by Christian Potenza

Chris McLean is the genially sadistic host of the Total Drama series.


Aside from being the show's host, Chris is also the show's head writer, background designer, director, and executive producer. He, his "sidekick" Chef Hatchet, the camera crew, and various interns, are the staff of the show. He makes it very clear that he really enjoys torturing the campers, taking delight in pointing out how life-threatening and potentially lethal the current challenge is, and sometimes even pairing the contestants up depending on their hatred for each other. Chris does not care what the campers do or what happens on the show, as long as it is legal...and that he gets paid, mainly the second one.


When Camp Wawanakwa became infected, Chris and Owen, the winner of the first Total Drama series, were trapped on the island. Most of Chris's missions involve recovering props and equipment that were lost to the invasion, and tracking down the missing campers. 

FusionFall: The Story of Pike Aftershock

In "FusionFall: The Story of Pike Aftershock," Chris is responsible for opening and closing the Null Void portal for new recruits, as well as for the incoming and outgoing mail at the FusionFall Academy East.