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Chowder artwork.png
Vital statistics
Age 4
Species Cat
Series Chowder
Location Peach Creek Commons
Nano Item Kitchen Spoon
Voiced by Nick Jones

Chowder is a four-year old apprentice to a chef named Mung Daal, who owns a catering company serving the citizens of Marzipan City. He often always runs away from Panini, because she's very obsessed with him being her boyfriend. Chowder also tends to be a bit air-headed and often enjoys helping others, even though he usually winds up making the current situation worse.

War against Fuse

The Future

Chowder was one of the few people to survive in the Future. He is next to Samurai Jack in Peach Creek Estates. He tells the player that he wishes Shnitzel were there. This means that Shnitzel must have either fallen to the invasion of Fuse or has gone to help out somewhere else.

The Past

Chowder is found in the Cul-de-Sac in Peach Creek Commons. He was escorted here, along with Shnitzel, by Numbuh Five, who was on her way to help out in Genius Grove and noticed they had been ambushed by Gravel Golems after a leaving a nearby cooking convention. He and Shniztel, however, were separated from Mung and Truffles when Fuse arrived. Chowder is worried for Mung's safety and they are trying to find a way to contact them.

When Princess Morbucks needs the player to get a cake from Chowder; he reluctantly lets them have it, saying he was going to have it as a "midnight snack."

Later on, he requires the player's help to deliver cake to Dee Dee, Frankie, and Cheese before sunset. Dee Dee needs the cake for a ballet banquet, Frankie for Eduardo's birthday party, and Cheese for unknown reasons. When Cheese receives his cake, he has a meltdown, saying he wanted chocolate milk. Demongo then has the player give the cake to him, instead, which he will then deliver to Samurai Jack for further disposal.