Vital statistics
Age 14
Series Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
Location Zeropoint City
Nano Item Ape Hand
Voiced by Greg Cipes

Chiro is the leader of the Hyperforce, and was empowered with the power to become a spiritual ape. He was trained in monkey combat, and has learned some skills and some powers.


Due to his argument with Gibson, Chiro left and ended at Wing Kingdom, a restaurant in Zeropoint City.

Nano Mission

In Chiro's Nano Mission, "Friends Stay Together", Chiro says that Gibson had written him, saying he would not respond to Chiro's immature letters. Because of some mysterious green stains on the paper, Chiro asks the Player to investigate Gibson's letters. The Player must fight Gibson when Gibson overreacts to the Player's explanation. Gibson apologizes, and Gibson says he saw a Fusion opening his mailbox. The Player proves conclusively that it was a Fusion who sent the insulting letters. The Player find Fusion Chiro's lair and defeats him, thus gaining the Chiro Nano. Chiro and Gibson become friends once more.

Fusion Chiro is one of the six Super Fusions; for this reason, the Chiro Nano is one of an extremely rare and hard to collect group of Nanos.

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