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GwenA.png Nano Mission Mission Chilling Out
Level 12
Difficulty Hard
Character Gwen
Place Pimpleback Mountains-The Wilds
Cheer Fuzzy Lumkins up.
My Notes
I got back the special explosive made by DexLabs from Fusion Dexter.

Mission Offer

Chilling Out
I've been hearing a bunch of noises up in Crystalline Caverns. Go check what's up.

Mission Details

Step 1
Investigate Crystalline Caverns.

Chilling Out
Find the source of the explosions.

GwenA.png Gwen

DexterA.png Dexter
What you are holding is an explosive that I have been working on for the past couple of months. Fusion Gwen slipped into my laboratory and took it. I want it back.

Step 2
Find Fusion Gwen's Lair.

String: 0/1

Chilling Out
Enter Fusion Gwen's Lair.

DexterA.png Dexter
Okay, good, you're inside. Now, see if you can find my explosive.

Step 3
Find Explosive.

Explosive: 0/1

Chilling Out
You found my explosive. Good for you!

DexterA.png Dexter
Excellent! Now get rid of that creature before it does any more damage.

Step 4
Defeat Fusion Gwen.

Fusion Gwen: 0/1

Chilling Out
Now to take care of that Fusion imposter!

GwenA.png Gwen

Step 5
Deliver explosive to Dexter.

Explosive: 1/1

Chilling Out
You are truly a hero! That was excellent work!

DexterA.png Dexter
Very well done. Return to me with the device, and I will have a special reward for you in my lab.

Step 6
Go to the DexLabs.

Chilling Out
Hurry, and report in at DexLabs.

Step 7
Talk to Dexter at DexLabs.

Mission Summary

Chilling Out
Thank you for returning my explosive. Here is the latest Nano I have created.

DexterA.png Dexter
Behold, the Ultimate Big Chill Nano!