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BlossomA.png Nano Mission Chemical Missing
Level 20
Difficulty Normal
Character Blossom
Place Sector V
Defeat Invader of Utonium Home.
My Notes
I defeat their invader and i got Sedusa Nano.

Mission Offers

Chemical Missing
Professor's home got invaded! you must tell him now!
Step 1
Talk to Professor Utonium
Professor UtoniumA.png Professor Utonium
My home? Oh No! Chemical X is still here! first i need key from Boardwalk Bully!
Step 2
Defeat Boardwalk Bullies

Home Key - 0/1

Professor UtoniumA.png Professor Utonium
Thanks! You had my key to Open my Door!
Step 3
Find Utonium Home and Enter
BlossomA.png Blossom
Be careful, that invader is must be Fusion or Fusion Monsters!
Step 4
Keep Going this place
Professor UtoniumA.png Professor Utonium
That invader is NOT Fusion! that's Vilgax, he stole my Chemical X!
BlossomA.png Blossom
You need to stop him and drank too much Chemical X!
Step 5
Defeat Vilgax

Vilgax - 0/1

VilgaxA.png Vilgax
Ugh! you win this time, but i will use this powerful poison again!