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A paradise fit for a KING. And that 'King' is me!

–Zim, to Bruno

Champion's Paradise
Area Level 66
NPCs Bruno
High-Five Ghost
Noel Kreiss

Champion's Paradise is a Level 66 Area. The player can unlock it by finding the broken Nether Portal in Castle Everdead.


It was originally a vacation paradise created by Mr. Boss and the Adult Alliance to get parents away from their kids, so that the adults could enslave the children of the world. It has some sort of magical shield around it to keep the parents on the island forever.

The plan was cut short when Fuse invaded the Earth; the adults fled and left the island unguarded. The KND eventually found out about the island and captured it. Since the magical shield affects only adults, the kids were able to come and go as they pleased.

Fuse sent several Fusions to capture the area. Bruno administers the island under the direction of Edd and Ben Tennyson. Snow scouts the area for incoming attacks, Noel Kreiss guards the children, and Lucario, Victini, and High-Five Ghost fight Fusions.

A battle took place on the island, which led Zim to end up there. Most of the others do not like him very much, but High-Five Ghost befriends him. Zim secretly uses HFG to do his bidding, while plotting to use the technology abandoned by the adults for his own nefarious purposes.

Goldie the Hedgefox has settled here with her family, on a quiet spot in between the forest and the beach.