We told people this was a five star resort just to get them on this island.

–Chris McLean

Camp Wawanakwa
Total Drama Island
Area Level 41
NPCs Owen

Chris McLean

Camp Wawanakwa is the campsite in which Total Drama Island takes place. Right around the corner is civilization (or, at least, Muskoka). In the FusionFall universe, Lake Wawanakwa would seem to be the large body of water that lies beyond the mouth of Peach Creek, past the last camp of the Candy Buccaneers.  The island can be accessed only from the boat that starts from the Peach Creek Boathouse.


Total Drama Island

Located in the main camp area are two cabins, each home to either the Screaming Gophers or the Killer Bass; these are further divided into boys' and girls' sections. The campers share a communal bathroom, an outhouse that also serves as a confessional, and the main lodge, where the campers would meet every day for their regular meals. Just west of the main camp site is the campfire pit, where elimination ceremonies are held. The only way onto the island is by boat, normally coming to rest at the Dock of Shame. Across Lake Wawanakwa from the main island is the even more dangerous Boney Island.

Radioactive Effects on the Island

The camp was abandoned after Total Drama Island ended, and then transformed into a toxic nuclear waste dump full of genetically-altering toxic waste. Much of this was cleaned up by Chris McLean (acting under a court order) after Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, but certain areas, particularly on Boney Island, remained highly toxic.


During a challenge, Fusion Comets began crashing down on the Island. The Fusion Matter soon took over the island and trapped every single contestant and the host on the island. Some of the contestants were able to escape and are to be found in other areas, but the ones not found in-game are presumably still in the cabins. The island is said to be consuming itself; Dexter estimates that the island may not have long until it is completely destroyed. Players can arrive at the Dock of Shame from the Boathouse at the mouth of Peach Creek on the shore opposite the Candy Buccaneers' camp, where a boat, similar in form to the Downtown Bus but aquatic runs back and forth every two minutes.

Infected Zone

Boney Island (The Fun Zone)

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