Camp kidney
Camp Kidney
Area Level 12
NPCs May Kanker
Spencer Spidermonkey
Camp Kidney is where most of the show Camp Lazlo takes place. The campers attend it only in the summer. There is a sign stating, "Don't steal anything" as campers are leaving. The scouts that take residence there are called the "Bean Scouts," and the Squirrel Scouts are welcome to visit. Amongst the campers, Camp Kidney is known as the place which has "the coldest showers on Earth."

Broken snorkeling masks and a broken dock are features of the camp. Camp Kidney was almost shut down in "Beany Weenies" when Miss Mucus reported it to Commander HooHa but just as Lumpus was signing the dismissal form, his pencil broke. The population of Camp Kidney is still unknown. Slinkman claims that there are fourteen, but in "Parasitic Pal," there are twenty-four Bean Scouts.

Camp Kidney's mascot is currently the Duke of Lice (Edward). It formerly had Disco Octopus and Diplomat Duck (explainable either as killed or seriously hurt). However, according to the Camp Kidney Alma Mater, it is a green bean with a Bean Scout cap and a neckerchief.

As with any normal summer camp, there are a variety of activities in which the scouts can participate.


War against Fuse

Some survivors such as Lazlo and his friends escaped the camp when it was attacked. It is unknown what happened to the other Bean Scouts.


Characters here include The Toilenator, May Kanker, and several agents and Monkey Skyway Agents, along with Spencer Spidermonkey, a cousin of Jake Spidermonkey (also not in game) who hands out Nano enhancement missions. In a small area inside Camp Kidney players can see a big Terrafuser making what looks like a future Infected Zone. Rudy can be found in this location.


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