CJ Full
Vital statistics
Species Cloud humanoid
Series Regular Show
Location Elmore Mall
Voiced by Linda Cardellini
Cloudy J (better known as "CJ") is a recurring character in Regular Show. CJ was Mordecai's second known girlfriend and now his ex-girlfriend, becoming Margaret's chief rival for his affections, and made her debut in the episode "Yes Dude Yes". She is voiced by Linda Cardellini.


CJ has a kind and cool personality, being an individual who enjoys a lot of the same things that Mordecai does, including video games, rock bands, and generally goofing off, though she deeply cares for her friends. In the episode "Maxin' and Relaxin", she also reveals that she is a funny person, a habit similar to Mordecai and Rigby and also smart. The Phone Guardians call her witty and independent. This doesn't mean she won't tease or make fun of others, although it is usually good-spirited.

However, befitting her cloud-like nature, if pushed too far, CJ will morph into a mass array of thunder storms with rain, lightning, and damaging winds. She has a hard time controlling her negative emotions to the point where she can become violent when angry and/or upset or when she is overreacting to something, such as a misunderstanding, and she'll usually act irrational and go into her storm state without her knowing the whole story, or without the other person explaining themselves.
S6E20.186 CJ Getting Mad

CJ getting mad

Skills and Abilities

CJ has the ability to turn into bad weather when she gets triggered angry or upset. She is shown to be able to make twisters, lightning, rain, and gale force winds when she is in this state.

As she was trained by her father who is a champion mini golf player, she proves to be exceptionally skilled at playing mini golf.

She is also capable of riding a motorcycle and teaching it proficiently, as in a moments notice she was able to teach Mordecai how to use one when in a dire moment.

She is also a great dodgeball player, as she plays on a team called the Thunder Girls, and wins a tournament in one episode.


In FusionFall, CJ can be found at Elmore Mall. She explains to the player that she was hanging out with some friends when a terrafuser hit the mall. Frightened by the invasion, her friends took off, leaving her there by herself. Though she was confused and scared herself, she decided to stick around and find out what was going on. CJ expresses interest in many elements of the FusionFall universe, such as nanos, weapons, and the various technological resources offered through the combined efforts to stop the invasion, often remarking that they are "cool". She also finds Planet Fusion and its associated elements an intriguing concept, wanting to learn more about them. Her enthusiasm in the war has made her willing to help out with minor projects and tasks contributing to the overall fight. 

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