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Vital statistics
Alias Bee
Species Cybertronian
Designation Mission Giver
Series Transformers Prime
Location Elmore
Nano Item Radio

Bumblebee is the Autobot scout for Optimus Prime's team. He is the youngest of the band of Autobots, though he is also one of their fiercest. He is also thoroughly loyal to Optimus.


He and Optimus were returning from a mission through the space bridge when there was a malfunction and they arrived on an Earth that was being invaded by Planet Fusion. The two Autobots looked around the globe and discovered that Elmore wasn't affected. There they provide missions that give players chances to gain Cybertronian gear as rewards.


  • Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are on a different Earth from the one they had landed on. While assisting in the war, the two have also been working on building a space bridge to get back to their own Earth.
  • Bumblebee lost his voice during a fight, so he communicates through noises and the radio. Very few humans can understand him, though the Autobots don't have a problem and usually act as interpreters for what he says.